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7 Reasons Why It Makes Sense To Buy A Hatchback

Are you thinking of buying a car soon? If so, you need to consider what kind of vehicle you need. More than likely your lifestyle needs will dictate what sort of car you have to buy. For example, if you have a large family in tow, you’ll have to consider an MPV or “people carrier”.

Have you thought about buying a hatchback? You might be wondering why I would suggest such a type of vehicle. You won’t realise it yet, but a hatchback car offers many benefits over other formats. Check out these seven reasons to find out why:

  1. Almost all car marques offer a hatchback

If you’re a fan of a particular make, you will baulk at the prospect of buying a car from another brand. The good news is that almost all car makers offer hatchback vehicles. Even Bentley, believe it or not! It’s worth seeing which hatchback models are available from your preferred marque.

  1. They are cheaper to buy

Are you on a tight budget? If so, hatchback cars are ideal for the money! They offer a plethora of benefits while keeping costs down. It’s no secret that many cars on the market are expensive to buy. Hatchbacks have often been the most cost-effective cars to buy – new or used.

  1. They offer excellent fuel consumption figures

The cost of oil is going down these days. As a result, fuels like petrol and diesel are also cheaper to buy. The thing is; industry analysts expect the price of those fuels to rise again in the future. Hatchbacks are light, and so use less fuel to propel them around.

  1. They are easier to park

I don’t know about you, but parking a large saloon or SUV in a small space is a nightmare! The thing many other people and I love about hatchbacks is how easy they are to park. They are a popular choice for those that live in the city for that very reason!

  1. Many hatchbacks come with a plethora of technology

You might think that hatchback cars have a somewhat limited amount of technology. But, you would be wrong! Take the MINI, for example. The one I saw at CooperMini the other day featured dual-zone climate control. Who says you can’t have premium features in compact cars?

  1. New drivers love hatchbacks

When you’ve just passed your driving test, getting around town in a big car is a scary prospect. New motorists prefer the relative safety and security that a hatchback vehicle offers. They offer better visibility and are cheaper to insure than bigger models like saloons. No wonder new drivers love them!

  1. They are available in a variety of formats

Take the Audi A3, for example. It first got launched as a three-door model. The German car maker then introduced a “sportback” model. In essence, a five-door “sporty” hatchback. Even some large hatchbacks are an estate hybrid. There’s a range of styling formats for today’s hatchback vehicles. You only have to go out and find them!