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Buying The Perfect Sedan: 3 Things To Look Out For!

Sedans are one of the most popular car types being driven on the roads these days. This is probably down to the fact they’re very versatile. They’re not too big, not too small, and comfortable.

This doesn’t mean all sedans are going to be amazing cars; you could easily find a bad one if you’re not careful. I’ve got a quick and simple list of things you should look out for in your dream sedan:


One of the reasons you buy a sedan is for the size. Sedans are supposed to be medium sized cars with reasonable space for drivers and passengers. If you want to perfect sedan, you’ll be looking for the perfect size for you.

A sedan is a great car for longish commutes to work every day. Bearing that in mind, you may want to carpool, so you’ll need a sedan with enough space for passengers. Look at something like the Travers Auto Chrysler 200. This car has four doors and a boot, with enough space for three passengers in the back. It’s the ideal size you’re looking for in a sedan if you’re going to be regularly carrying passengers with you.

Most importantly, you’ll want to make sure there’s enough space in the front for the driver. Don’t buy a sedan that has plenty of rear room, but sacrifices room for the driver.

Drive Comfort

The next thing on your list should be how comfortable the car is to drive. How does it handle? Is the suspension good, or does it feel a little bumpy? Most sedans are designed to bring you comfort while driving; it’s one of their selling points. They aren’t focussed on delivering breakneck speeds or off road driving. A sedan is there to be comfortable and feel nice to drive every single day.


So how do you find out if a sedan is comfortable to drive? Well, you go down to the dealers and ask for a test drive. Nearly all dealers will let you test drive their vehicle, if they don’t then they’re probably a dodgy dealer.

When you’re on the test drive, pay close attention to the car’s steering, brakes and suspension. If a car feels nice to drive, you’ll notice it right away.


The price of a car is always important when you’re looking to buy. The type of car you’re looking at can also greatly influence the price range you’re looking at. In this case, you’re looking at buying a sedan, so the price will differ from, say, a small car. Generally speaking, you can look at picking a sedan up from anywhere between 10-20 thousand dollars. The ones at the low end of that spectrum will be more compact sedans. Whereas the higher end will be something like a traditional family sedan. Of course, there are luxury sedans that can cost way more than twenty thousand.

And then there’s the debate on whether you should buy new or used sedans. Obviously used ones will cost cheaper, but if you’re willing to spend money for a new one, then why not. That decision depends on your finances and the car you’re looking at.