Get Your Teen Ready for the Road

Get Your Teen Ready for the Road

It’s time for that great adventure in life called teen driving. Your child is ready to take to the road and you need to come along for the ride. You want your teenager to be safe when navigating the highways, learning the rules of the road, and dealing with other drivers. Much more is involved than simply getting a license. Plan ahead and you can ensure that your child is prepared.

Practice Makes Perfect

Your teenager is going to need plenty of practice. If there is a driver’s education course at school, make sure your child signs up. You can find other courses that are available if that is not an options. If it’s too costly to take a course, you are going to need to take your teen out often to get accustomed to driving. That means going out in different conditions and trying roadways of varying difficulties. From country driving to city driving, a teenager should experience it all. Enlist the help of reputable friends and family members so that you are not the only passenger. You might be biased or you could make your child nervous.

Sign Up for a Defensive Driving Course

Your teen should take defensive driving. Whether you sign your child up for a day long course or take a look on the Internet, there are plenty of options. It will give your teen helpful advice for driving. As an added bonus, your teenager will get a discount on insurance rates. Every bit helps.

Think About a Car

You need to decide what your child will drive once he or she has her license. You may make your teen take turns with the family car or consider buying a car. If you are going to purchase a car, stay away from something new. A new car is a major investment and young drivers are prone to more accidents. Many parents think the first car should be a ‘bumper car.’ It’s more sensible to go with an older car. Your teenager can work his or her way up to a newer car and earn it. No matter what you buy, steer clear of anything that is going to be too fast or too flashy. Otherwise, you’ll have an accident waiting to happen. Choose a car that isn’t too compact. You want to give your teen as much protection as possible when it’s time to go solo as a driver.