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The Importance of Maintaining the Car Driving Thrill Experience

Top Gear may never be the same, or exist again at all. But there is something you can do in its memory that would make Jeremy Clarkson very glad to know. And that thing is: driving a fully tuned Mitsubishi Evo for 6 laps on a controlled track, at the top speeds you can personally achieve.

For many people, this is a dream. But for people who take a holiday and get behind the wheel, it’s a reality. Not all of us have the resources to personally own a vehicle like this. And we probably wouldn’t have access to proper roadways for thrill rides, even if we did. That’s why the Udrive experience is so vital. And it’s one that some people are afraid of losing.

With news of Google and Elon Musk creating fully autonomous, self-driving vehicles, motorheads around the world are wondering what the future holds for our favorite use of petrol. While the Tesla vehicles look pretty sexy (and definitely are, speaking as someone who has had the privilege), the Google models look about as able to inspire a thrill as a piece of old toast. If cars turn into endless roadways of these automatons, it’ll be a dark day for petrol heads.

So how can lovers of real cars invest in the future of this? Well there are a few ways.

1)    Buy a Real Car. If you love real cars, cars for drivers, cars that can move, cars with design elements meant to appeal to people without young children, then GET ONE. Sell your old car and buy something that inspires passion. Whether you have a love for vintage, foreign, or the latest in road warrior design, it’s time to make this a priority in your life. For many people like us, cars are an identity. They have more to do with who we are than the job we do or the house we live in. So make the change and buy a car you’re proud of.

2)    Drive Fast. I’m not advocating for speeding in unsafe conditions. But using services like Udrive, as well as taking advantage of communities that make fast, hard drive available in real world settings, are priorities that real car lovers should make a reality. Without doing this, cars’ real capabilities are just an idea. But when you finally get behind the wheel and push your vehicle beyond the performance level you even thought it was capable of, there really is no exception for this.

3)    Keep the Dream Alive. Vote with your wallet. Don’t let an automated automotive future haunt the roadways our children spend time on. Invest in new cars that have the performance capabilities you look for. Don’t let real cars be relegated to museums and tracks. Keep them on the roads where they belong. It’s an investment in history. It’s an investment in freedom. It’s an investment in the way you love to drive. Keep it for yourself and pass it on for future generations. Ride on the track, but make sure to keep real cars on the real road. The world needs them.