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Top 7 Signs You Need a New Roof

Most homeowners imagine they need a new roof when they notice a leak in the ceiling. The truth is this leak might be due to numerous roofing problems. But, what factors must you consider to determine if repairing your roof will solve your problems, or your house needs a new roof?

Here are several signs to help you figure out if you need a new roof.

1. Roof age

Most professionals concur that a regular roof will last between 25 and 30 years. Of course, this depends on whether you removed the old roof and you have only one layer of shingles, and if this layer is properly ventilated. If you installed the roof over another layer of shingles that has lasted over 20 years, probably you need a new roof.

2. Curling and buckling shingles

Buckling and curling shingles are a sign that you should replace your roof. Examine the slopes on the roof that get direct sunlight. If you notice the shingles are curled and have lost granules, it is a sign that the shingles have exceeded their life expectancy. It is also possible that that the roof is defective, and you should contact a certified roofing contractor. You can get details now from websites such as

3. Roof valleys

If the shingles on your roof are missing or falling apart in the roof valleys, you need a new roof. This is a vital area of the roof that allows rain and snow to flow. If it is compromised, you could incur leaks.

4. Missing shingles

Missing shingles are another sign your roof is failing. Find out if all the shingle tabs are intact.

5. Chimney flashing

The chimney flashing is another area of great concern. If your flashing consists of roof tar or cement, you may need to replace it with a water-tight, long-term fitting such as a metal flashing system.

6. Shingle granules in the gutter

Check your gutters to find out if they are laden with shingle granules. It is characteristic of roofs to lose more granules as they near the end of their life cycle.

7. Light through the roof boards

Inspect your attic to find out if there is daylight passing through the roof boards. Again, check if the insulation is moist. This is a sign that you need to replace the roof.

The roof is among the most vital parts of your home. If it is defective, you will experience problems such as leakages. If your roof has lasted over 25 years, or the shingles are curling and buckling, or missing, it is a sign that you need to replace the roof. This is when you need to contact a certified and reputable roofing expert.