Nissan sparks interest

Nissan Sparks Interest In Electric Vehicles With An Added Bonus For Customers

Following the news that the German federal government has announced EUR 4,000 in bonuses for electric vehicle customers; e-mobility leader Nissan is going one step further in raising the bar to EUR 5,000 for customers of its popular LEAF and e-NV200.

Prospective buyers in Germany can expect EUR 5,000 in assistance when they buy a new Nissan LEAF or e-NV200; representing an extra 2,000 EUR in savings when compared to a Plug-in Hybrid model.

The Nissan LEAF offers 250km* of driving range, more than any other pure electric vehicle eligible for the scheme, and is available from EUR 18,365 (plus battery rental).

Gareth Dunsmore, Director of Electric Vehicles for Nissan Europe: “This incentive marks out Nissan’s clear commitment to affordable, mass-market, pure electric vehicles (EVs). We hope that the additional incentives for pure EV adopters will encourage drivers to make the switch to 100 percent electric mobility from the get-go.

“Our commitment doesn’t stop there – since 2010, we have helped to fund an extensive network of reliable CHAdeMo chargers. In fact, Nissan has part-funded more than 3,100 compatible charging units across Europe and more than 200 in Germany alone – available at service stations, dealerships and across city centres. We’re thrilled to see that there will be an additional €200m in investment from the German federal government to support multi-standard infrastructure.”

The 4,000 Euro bonus is co-funded, with 50% provided by the manufacturer and the German federal government matching the contribution. Nissan has taken the decision to extend the offer, with an additional 1,000 Euros on the table to take the subsidy up to Euro 5,000.

The news comes as Nissan announces sales of 16,916 electric cars in Europe for the 2015-16 fiscal year, a new annual record. The Nissan LEAF continues to lead the electric vehicle segment globally.

As the manufacturer of the Nissan LEAF and the world’s first electric commercial vehicle, the e-NV200, Nissan has supported 100 percent electric mobility since 2010, long before competitors entered the market. The manufacturer has invested four billion euros in e-mobility projects to date.

Europe’s best-selling electric vehicle now delivers up to 250 km* of driving range on a single charge, 26 percent further than before, and comes with the latest evolution of the NissanConnect EV infotainment system on Acenta and Tekna trims. This includes improvements to the remote defrost feature, superior functionality and greater connectivity.