Mercedes dealerships

Why Are Mercedes-Benz Buyers Flocking To Main Dealerships?

It seems that car manufacturers are telling dealerships to put their customers first. There appear to be fewer complaints of dealers as a whole these days. Most buyers seem to enjoy the buying experience with main dealers. Now that’s something you wouldn’t hear too often ten or even five years ago!

One car maker, in particular, seems to be setting a good example to their competitors. Mercedes-Benz didn’t have “bad” dealerships to start with, but they’ve streamlined their service. Their customers now prefer to buy new vehicles from them rather than competing marques.

So, what is it about Mercedes-Benz dealerships that are a hit with buyers everywhere? I did some investigating and uncovered some interesting facts. Here’s what I found out:

Sales people don’t pressure customers to buy

Most people agree that pushy salespeople are commonplace in the automotive industry. Mercedes dealerships seem to be the exception rather than the rule in this case! The sales staff at Mercedes dealerships instead take the time to help their customers.

They work with them, listening to their needs, before suggesting some suitable models. What they don’t do is use the typical tactics that many car salespeople use. For example, they don’t tell their customers they can only offer a special deal for “today only”! Nor do they make them feel guilty about not buying a particular model.

Customers agree they are more inclined to buy if guided by sales staff rather than getting forced to do so! There are often times where consumers don’t know which model they wish to buy. After all; many buyers lead busy lives and don’t always keep on top of the latest automotive news.

They offer many value-added services

When people buy cars from a Mercedes-Benz dealership, they usually make other purchases too. For instance, they’ll arrange servicing and maintenance packages at the same time. They’ll even organise for winter checks to get carried out between service schedules.

Dealers of competing marques don’t always offer such an array of value-added services. All they’re likely to offer is finance and a cup of coffee while you seal the deal! Motorists would rather use the services a dealer offers for the sake of consistency. After all; if there are any problems, dealers are more likely to resolve them with little hassle.

Added peace of mind

The sad truth about the motor industry is that some car dealers have no problem ripping off customers. I’m pleased to report that’s not the case with Mercedes-Benz dealerships.

When it comes to trading in an old car, they will always offer you a fair trade-in price for it. If there are out of warranty issues, they’ll do what they can to lessen your financial burden.

Of course, when buying a new or used car, they’ll make sure you don’t pay over the odds for your new pride and joy. There’s also the fact that the dealerships get backed by the brand itself. If you give a Mercedes dealer a bad new, it won’t reflect well on the brand. That’s why they make customer satisfaction a priority, even if you’re not buying a car from them!