2017 Acura NSX Production Launches in April

After a decade of waiting and a few false starts, the new Acura NSX will finally start rolling out of its Marysville, OH, factory in late April. Customer deliveries won’t be too far behind. We can’t wait to hear whether buyers find the supercar as fast and comfortable as we did during the First Drive.

Trial production is already underway at the NSX’s bespoke factory called the Performance Manufacturing Center. The plant is specifically for production of low-volume vehicles with cutting-edge tech. The site employs 100 people to construct, paint, and check the quality of the new supercar, and they need 14 hours to build each one. Robots take care of some of the more intricate tasks like MIG welding the space frame.

It also takes workers six hours to build each NSX’s 3.5-liter V6 by hand at the nearby engine plant in Anna, OH. They machine balance every one and run the powerplant through a 150-mile break-in procedure.

While the supercar isn’t at dealers yet, you can already build your own 2017 NSX online. Prices start at $157,800 (after $1,800 for destination), but the first examples only come with carbon-ceramic brakes, which add at least $9,900 to the price. When Autoblog editors optioned them out, the cheapest we managed was $172,700.