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Increased Risks From Distracted Driving

Cellular phones have allowed Americans to spend less time at a desk, but unfortunately, more and more of their remote communication is instead being done while behind the wheel. It makes sense that the smart phone has become a large part in people’s lives. After all, it can be used to check e-mails, send text messages, listen to music, and provide directions. It can even be used — gasp! — to make a phone call. Large numbers of people are utilizing these resources while they are operating a heavy, motorized vehicle that can ultimately become a weapon of destruction when distracted driving comes into play.

With over 90 percent of adults in the nation utilizing a cell phone on a regular basis, this issue has become widespread. The chances of a driver having an accident when distracted by a phone triples. Many don’t realize that, when reading a text message for just a few seconds, they are taking their eyes off the road while driving approximately 100 additional yards. In America, nine deaths are recorded daily due to distraction while driving while over 1,000 daily injuries occur. Unfortunately for the nation’s youth, drivers 25 years of age and younger have a greater tendency to be distracted by their phone and respond to a text message while driving, putting them and others on the road in danger.


distracted driving infographic