Volvo S90

Volvo Poised to Take Bite out of Premium Sedan Segment with New Volvo S90

You know Volvo. It’s the brand that’s best known for its safety systems, especially in the SUV and large vehicle market. The problem always was that Volvo was pigeon-holed as an old-man’s car, one that wasn’t really relevant for the current auto market.

With the Volvo S90, Volvo intends to reinvent its brand image and release perhaps the most innovative, desirable vehicle in the premium sedan category. Its powertrain is at the forefront of technology, its driver-centric features are nothing less than stellar, and not a single part of the car is done half-hearted at all.

Technologically Advanced

Take for instance the Pilot Assist system. This brilliant feature is a step in the direction of autonomy. Actually, it’s an ‘advanced semi-autonomous feature’. The system gives steering assist to keep your S90 between the lines on the road at speeds up to 130 km/h. Previously, you had to follow another vehicle to maintain a following speed, which is no longer needed. Pilot Assist can maintain speeds all on its own. This puts Volvo in striking distance for a fully autonomous vehicle.

The S90 has an industry-first – actually a world-first – function known as City Safety. It detects large animals on the road such as deer, moose, horses, and elk in either night or day driving. As if detection of a live animal obstruction wasn’t enough, the system incorporates an intuitive warning and brake support to prevent an accident.

The Volvo S90 goes above and beyond in the technological department. They’ve designed the vehicle to use not just a few of the features on the forefront, but look to incorporate them all into one design. The S90 uses a T8 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid powertrain. It’s the same engine they use in the XC90 with a combined 400 horsepower and 472 lb-ft of torque.

When in electric-only mode, you should be able to achieve speeds of 130 km/h, meaning as you drive completely on electric power, you can cruise on the highway in a semi-autonomous mode. Can you imagine that? Highway driving with zero emissions, zero fuel cost, and quiet as a mouse.

Ridiculously Refined

According to GearHeads Car News, the XC90 is an exceptional-quality vehicle with brilliant fuel economy, and even referred to it as ‘Bentley-good’. If the S90 is anything like its SUV-styled sibling, it’s going to share the same refinement and luxurious appointments. Heated and ventilated premium leather seats, wood-grain accents, navigation with voice commands, smartphone connectivity, and a minimalist-yet-refined interior design are a given.

volvo s90 interior

The Volvo S90 isn’t quite ready yet, however. Volvo is pumping it up for a big reveal, set to occur at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit this coming January. Stay tuned for details, test drive information, and car reviews.