My First Car

Car Maintenance Tips For New Drivers

OK, so you have passed your driving test and just bought your first set of wheels. Congrats! It’s the start of a new life – one that, hopefully, will be accident-free.

There’s a lot more to learn, of course. Driving on your own is a lot more complicated than driving with an instructor sitting beside you. Plus, you are also responsible for your car – and it’s a big responsibility.

It’s for this reason that we thought we would put together this little guide for those of you who are new to driving. Good car maintenance will help you stay safe on the roads, and keep your car on the roads, for many years to come. Read on to find out some essential hints and tips.

The basics

First of all, why do you need to look after your car? Well, if it doesn’t look safe, then the police are liable to slap a yellow defect notice on your windshield, and you will have to take it in for a check up.

It goes without saying that the better your car looks, the less likely it will be that this will happen. Careful owners tend to keep their cars clean and tidy, so make sure yours looks the part and you will avoid any issues with the law.

Your maintenance

Next, there are a few things you will need to learn about to keep your car in good condition – and safe on the roads. Get into the habit of checking your tyres, and their pressure. If your tyres aren’t set to the optimum level, you run the risk of punctures, wearing your tread, and drifting across the roads.

Another important thing to watch out for is your brakes. It sounds obvious, but few people pay much attention, but you should check them all the time. Make sure that your fluids are topped up, and check your brakes for damage any time you go through water.

You should also take care of your windscreen. If you notice any tiny chips, deal with them sooner rather than later. Those chips might look small, but they can turn into huge cracks in an instant.


It’s important to have regular services on your car, and it’s important to trust the people doing those services. Your first step is to find the logbook for your new car, and buy one if there isn’t one.

Keep track of all your oil changes, tyre wear, and filter changes, as well as any other servicing.

Your next step is to find a reputable garage. You can take your car to your mechanic, or even get them to come to you. Take Mr Tune Mobile Mechanic as an example. Services like these will come to your home or workplace and give you a service on the spot. When you consider how easy it is to arrange, there’s really no excuse!


One of the biggest issues with cars is the people that drive them. It’s tempting to go hell for leather in your new car, especially if you are a young driver who is keen to impress your friends.

But, not only is it dangerous, it’s not good for your vehicle’s health. You’ll chew up gas and oil, and put a lot more pressure on your engine, clutch, and other mechanics. Drive in a sensible way, and your car will easily make it past the 100,000-mile mark. Good luck!