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Things to Know When Buying Nexen Tyres

Most people would rather schedule a trip to the dentist than buy new tyres. Poorly chosen tyres can cause problems for years – they can increase road noise, decrease your car’s handling, or scare you silly when it rains. If you’re not prepared, buying tyres can be an intimidating process, because they all look the same. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult if you follow these tips on buying Nexen tyres.

If you Liked your Old Tyres

If you are satisfied with your car’s performance, the choice is simple – buy the same tyres you had. Tyre companies and automakers spend millions to develop tyres that smooth over a vehicle’s weaknesses while accentuating its strengths; if you like your old tyres, get new ones that are the same. If you’re not sure if it’s time to replace your tyres, check the sidewall for the manufacturing date. If it’s been on the car or stored in a hot location for over six years, it may be time for replacement.


When you decide to replace your tyres with factory-correct models, you may be in for a surprise – OEM tires can be price. However, most carmakers offer every model with at least two different brands; some searching online will likely yield results. Remember, though, that tyres for a different trim level may not be the same as the ones you had.

You’ll also need to consider tyre longevity. If you own a sports car, tyre life will be shorter – think of it as the price you pay for sporty handling and increased power. Today’s vehicles have performance, luxury and safety features that add tremendous weight, and all that can take a toll on your tyres. If OEM tyres aren’t available, tyre makers and stores can suggest reasonable alternatives.

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Finding Something New

If you’re unhappy with your car’s handling or ride quality, there’s hope. Low profile tyres and large wheels can decrease ride comfort, and switching to a touring tyre may soften things up. Check reviews for each type of tyre, and remember that changing tyres can affect your car’s handling. Increasing performance is a bit easier; changing to summer tyres from all-season models will give you more grip at the expense of ride comfort.

Buying tyres can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. As long as you do some research on Nexen tyre prices, assess your needs and look at some tyres in person, the process can be quick and painless.