Range Rover a pickup

Brabus Startech gives Range Rover a pickup

Few people may be asking for a Range Rover with a short pickup bed in the back, but answering questions that nobody asked is where Brabus lives. And that’s precisely what it’s done in time for the 2015 Shanghai Motor Show.

Performed by the German tuner’s Startech division – the one that deals with everything other than Daimler products – this Range Rover, as you can see, has had its roof chopped down and a pickup bed fitted in its place. Sort of like a Lincoln Blackwood or Lamborghini LM002, but based on Land Rover’s flagship model.

The conversion required Brabus to fit 100 new components made of aluminum, steel and carbon fiber, and is ideally suited toward carrying everything from golf clubs to falcons in a cage. A heated, tinted rear window was fitted behind the rear seats, and the panoramic glass sunroof from the donor vehicle was retained in the process.

Of course, the tuner didn’t stop at the pickup bed, fitting this show model with a widebody kit, 23-inch wheels, a new air suspension module, a custom exhaust, a thoroughly refitted interior and a 5.0-liter supercharged V8 tuned to deliver 526 horsepower. As an added bonus, the finished product now qualifies in many countries as a commercial vehicle instead of a luxury SUV, actually making it cheaper to import.