How You Should Maintain Your Citroen

If you own a Citroen car, then you need to know how to look after it and maintain it in the right way. It will hold its value better and serve you for longer if you keep it in the best condition possible. So, read on to find out what you need to know.

Maintain Your Citroen

Windows and Wipers

The windows of your car are very important. If you do notice a crack or chip in the window, even if it’s small, you should get it repaired quickly. This will allow you to avoid further problems that would be much more expensive for you to fix. A chip can easily grow and mean that you will have to replace the entire windshield. It’s also important to replace your Citroen’s windscreen wipers once they get worn down. Sometimes, with Citroen cars, they can get stuck in an awkward position and block your view when driving if they’re old and worn. That can be dangerous, so keep an eye on their condition.


Oils and Fluids

You need to make sure that the oil levels in your car are right if you want to keep it in good condition. For most Citroen models, it’s recommended that the oil is changed after every 3000 miles that are driven. But if you don’t drive the car that often, it could be worth changing the oil a couple of times a year, no matter how much you’ve driven it. The best type of oil to use is mineral oil. It’s reliable, and the quality is better than you get from synthetic oils. Transmission fluids, coolant and brake fluids will also have to be kept at the right level. Refer to your driver’s manual for more information.



The tyres on your Citroen car will have to be replaced after a certain amount of time. They come into contact with the road, and that means they are prone to wear and tear. Luckily, there are specific Citroen car tyres that you can replace your old ones with. These kinds of tyres are designed for your model of car, so you know that you’ll be getting the best performance levels possible. Check the tread every couple of months and make the change when the time is right. You will also need to check the air pressure in the tyres regularly. When the pressure level is too low, it can make accidents more likely.



Finally, you need to think about how you’ll look after the exterior body of the car. This is not always easy, but it has to be done. For a start, you will need to wash it to remove any materials that could lead to further problems. On top of that, you should wax the car’s body at least once every couple of months. This will keep it in top condition and help to stop rust. Storing it somewhere that is sheltered from the elements will also help to keep the car in good shape for as long as possible.