2015 Scion xB

The Scion xB is the First Choice For Young Creative Professionals

A musician can’t perform without an instrument. A photographer is only an observer without a camera, lenses, shades, and tripods. A sound engineer can’t improve audio quality without synthesizers, amplifiers or other electronics. Artists need a complete collection of canvases, paints, and stands.

While an expanding portfolio is the goal of every creative professional, it’s impossible to get anything done without the tools of your trade, and your clients expect you to always be prepared. You want to perform at your best, but the urban lifestyle doesn’t always leave much space for the essentials. Busy creative people need a vehicle that gets them and their gear where they need to go. A car must be roomy enough inside for all of the things they need on a moment’s notice, but also agile enough to easily navigate through crowded city streets. It must also be economical and fit within the budgets of those who are still trying to make a name for themselves.

The Scion xB offers a complete blend of these three most prized qualities. Since this model was first introduced, these cars have only grown in popularity. Although the style has been imitated by the Nissan Cube and the Kia Soul, the xB is still the first choice of discerning shoppers.

Interior Space

With over ten years of engineering innovations behind its design, the xB has the best interior arrangement of any other small urban car. It boasts 69.9 cubic feet of storage space and a 40/60 split rear seat. The area is perfect for hauling large or oddly shaped pieces of equipment wherever you go, and the rear hatch makes loading and unloading easy.

Driving Simplicity

The expansive interior contradicts the diminutive exterior. The compact outer design of the xB is made for city driving. Narrow one way streets are easily navigable. When you are working at a club located down a narrow back alley, your xB can easily pull right to the loading door, and the visibility out of the open back windows makes parallel parking simple.


In addition to the low initial purchase price, an xB is supported by one of the best factory warranties in the industry. The build quality is known for the Toyota brand’s excellence, and they also have simple maintenance requirements. They are cheap to operate and consume fuel at an estimated 22 miles per gallon in the city.

These cars easily perform the work of a daily commuter while still giving you the ability to see to your creative interests on the weekends. Be ready with a vehicle that is more than just a means of transportation. The Scion xB is the perfect piece that fits the complex puzzle of your life.