Toyota Auris

Toyota Auris Gets Cleaner, Leaner & Sleeker Upgrade

Toyota has always offered value vehicles that give a touch of style, comfort, and efficiency without costing the earth. The latest upgrades to their Auris range reflect those principles to a tee. Let’s take a closer look.

The New Auris

Toyota has tweaked the engine of the Auris on both petrol and diesel versions. You can get a 1.2 petrol model with turbo, and the diesel range has a brand new 1.6 version adding a little zip to the range. The Japanese car maker has also been working on hybrid versions, and all models enjoy burning less fuel and greener carbon limits. In terms of looks, there have been some minor tweaks, too. You are positioned higher in the cabin while the nose has been sharpened slightly for more aero-dynamism.

In The Cabin

First thing’s first, the Auris has built up a reputation as an excellent value family hatchback – and it remains firmly in that category. It’s a comfortable ride, and the electric performance gives you a near-silent experience. That’s a good thing for people using the car as a city vehicle, and you can get around 78 mpg using the combination of petrol or diesel and electric. It’s spacious – surprisingly so, perhaps. Families can fit in two child seats, with a third a bit of a squeeze, but, ultimately, very possible. Boot space is good, and you can fold up the back seats should you need to.

The Drive

Motorway drivers will want to take a look at the 1.6 diesel engine while city drivers should think about the hybrid. While the 1.2 petrol engine is good enough on its own, combined with the electric can lead to significant reduction of fuel costs. Either option gives you a smooth ride, and you get to enjoy the benefits of CVT automatic in your front wheels – perfect for longer journeys.

The Costs

Prices start at around £14,000, and dependent on your extra features can rise to around £24,000. However, there are plenty of financing deals if you should want them – especially for business use. Take a look at listers Toyota leasing if you are planning a leasing option. If you do go down the leasing route, then the hybrid option is, to put it simply, a no-brainer. The fuel costs you will save over the lease period will prove to be beneficial to your bank account.


OK, so the Toyota Auris has never set the world alight and isn’t the most exciting car in existence. However, with Toyota hitting the top of the charts for safety and reliability, it’s easy to see why their vehicles are so popular with families. And, that extra little bit of space in the cabin might well seal the deal for those looking for more room. It’s simple, effective, and there are far more bland vehicles on the road these days. Overall, Toyota appears to have brought another tidy dollop of value to the table – think it might be a fit for you?