Van and Car

Why Driving a Van Beats a Car Any Day

Driving your own personal car or a company model to work, the shops and on holiday has its advantages but for many people it will just be doing what they’ve always known. Going to work along the same route at the same time in the same vehicle can soon become tiresome, especially after doing it for many years.

Switching to a van, whether a personal investment or company vehicle, can inject a bit of excitement and many other benefits to your regular journey. It won’t be for everyone but if you’re thinking about a driving change, a van could be the way forward.

Powerful Performance

On average vans have larger, powerful engines compared to cars. They deliver a thrilling drive and require extra skill to swiftly control them at top speeds. It can feel like a big step up being behind the wheel of such a vehicle after years of driving cars. The driving position is also higher up, giving a sense of dominance over the road. The larger size is balanced out by a more powerful engine, meaning it can still be easy to drive round in.

Practical Use

Vans provide a much more practical option for many individuals, whether for work purposes or use in leisure time. There’s a significant amount of more space to transport goods and work equipment during the week with commercial vans while for those with large families it makes going away for the weekend or on holiday easier. It can prove helpful when friends or family move house or need big items picking up and moving.

Enhance Business

If you run a small business then owning a van can be a huge asset. It is a great place for free advertising, with vehicles on the road being seen by thousands of people every day without having to pay for anything other than the van costs and paint job. Or if you don’t own a business you can rent out advertising space on the side to a local firm, clawing back some of the initial expenses spent on the vehicle.

Tax Benefits

Using a commercial van for work purposes can also reduce tax costs significantly compared with having a company car. Many are classed as light commercial vehicles which saves hundreds of pounds in BIK tax payments. It will depend on the specific model but is definitely worth checking out and mentioning to employers. Saving money will keep everyone happy.