Why The Fiat 500X Is The Most Capable Small 4×4 You’ll Ever Drive

The automotive industry has produced a lot of small 4×4 vehicles over the years. From the Subaru Justy to the Fiat Panda, one had a good selection to choose from. Nowadays car makers seem to concentrate on making larger 4×4 vehicles.

You might think that the interest in smaller four-wheel drive cars is dying out. But, it seems that people have an interest in them once again. In 2016, one of the hottest four-wheel drive cars to get is the Fiat 500X. Essentially it’s a larger version of the standard 500 and with a couple of extra doors.

So, why is the Fiat 500X the most capable 4×4 you will ever drive? And what other features make it an appealing prospect to motorists everywhere? Here’s what you need to know about this attractive model:

It’s not a MINI Countryman

Most people assume the only capable small 4×4 on the market these days is the MINI Countryman Cooper 4×4. What they don’t realise is that the Fiat 500X has that car firmly in its sights. The Italian carmaker has a clear message: it wants to poach MINI customers and tempt them into the Fiat fold!

Everyone knows that the MINI is for people that desire a “premium” product. In essence, it’s just a small BMW. But, that doesn’t mean Fiat can’t also offer a premium product too! It might not align itself with that market. However, the features it offers as standard are similar to the MINI.

The Fiat 500X is a car for people that don’t want the MINI offering. And, let’s face it; the car will never be a MINI. It has its own identity, and that’s something existing 500X owners love about the car

The interior is quite spacious

Being a larger variant of the 500, the Fiat 500X is cavernous in the cabin. Did you know the car can comfortably seat five people including the driver? The model I test-drove from the Thames Motor Group was big enough to seat four other people and me. By all accounts, none of the passengers felt like tinned sardines.

The roof height is also brilliant for the taller motorist like me. If you’ve got a young family in tow, it’s also helpful in that respect. Have you ever tried getting a baby in and out of a car seat in a vehicle with a low roof? It’s not fun!

It doesn’t have a mediocre sound system

The danger of buying any hatchback these days is ending up listening to “tinny” sound from the stereo. It’s just as well one won’t have that problem with the Fiat 500X! It comes with the premium BeatsAudio system. Boasting 560 watts of power, the eight-speaker system also features a digital amplifier.

You can drive the Fiat 500X just about anywhere

The last but perhaps the most important selling point of all is the car’s driving prowess. It has many driving “modes” one can select from. As it has a 4×4 drivetrain, traction with the ground beneath the car is pretty much guaranteed.