Tesla Model S P85D

Why The Tesla Model S Will Be The Best EV You’ll Ever Drive!

Let’s make no mistake: electric cars are the future. Sure, cars powered by petrol and diesel engines will be around for some time to come. But, with the constantly rising price of oil, and the troubles of the Middle East, the future is electric.

The thing about electric cars is that they aren’t a new invention. In fact, they got produced since the first cars entered production in the early 1900s! It’s only in recent years that car makers have devoted more research into the topic.

Many of today’s electric cars are practical and stylish. The only trouble is, they have one disadvantage: they’ve got a low range. Take the Nissan Leaf, for example. It can do anything from 80-120 miles on a full charge.

If you’re doing long-distance driving, you need an electric car that offers more range. This is where the Tesla Model S steps in!

From afar, the Tesla Model S resembles a new Jaguar of some description. But, get up close and you’ll soon notice that there’s nothing cat-like about the Model S!

If you’re new to electric motoring, you will no doubt have spotted the Tesla Model S in your research. Here’s why this may well be the best car you will ever drive:

It’s a luxurious, premium car

The Tesla Model S is one of the most luxurious electric cars you will ever have the pleasure of driving. From the leather upholstery to the super comfortable seats, you will fall in love with the car.

There’s no denying the fact this car is well-aimed at the premium end of the executive car market. It has everything today’s discerning business motorist needs. It’s got style, form and function. And the best bit? It has zero carbon emissions. It hasn’t got a hybrid powertrain; it’s all 100% electric!

The Tesla Model S is, without a doubt, an executive car of the future available for today. If you want a high-end executive vehicle, forget about Maybach and BMW. The Tesla Model S is the one for you.

It’s affordable to all businesses

One downside about the Tesla Model S is the price tag. It costs a lot more than a typical executive vehicle, but that’s because this one is special.

What is surprising, though, is that any business can afford to lease the Tesla Model S. It’s even possible to arrange bad credit car leasing for this particular vehicle. Even if you’re not a business executive, you could still find a way of getting behind the wheel of a Model S!

It’s full of technology

The car comes with all the usual refinements like climate control, heated seats and so forth. But, there’s something this car has that other vehicles do not. I am, of course, talking about that massive 17-inch screen on the dashboard!

If you are a tech geek, I recommend you do anything you can to go and buy this car. Anything else will just seem primitive and lacklustre in comparison!