The A169, North Yorkshire

Britain’s most challenging drives

The UK’s roadways are some of the best in Europe; not just because they’re relatively safe and of a decent quality across the nation, but because they can bring us some top driving experiences. From traversing the high hills of the north to the winding roads of the south, we’ve got quite a wealth of fun and exciting journeys you can take. Here’s five such examples you might want to give a try:

The A169, North Yorkshire

Our first route crosses straight through the heart of North Yorkshire, which as you might have guessed means it’s certainly got some sights to behold. Gorgeous rolling countryside and quaint little Yorkshire towns are matched only by the fun you can have navigating sweeping corners and reaching the high peaks of the moors.

The A39, Somerset

Again, this road takes in some stunning views, particularly over a stretch between Cornwall and North Devon which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. There’s also a variety of different roadways to drive on such as a rather steep 1,300ft climb up towards Exmoor.

The A82, Scotland

If it’s a longer drive you’re looking for, you’d be hard pressed to find anything better than the A82. This 167mile route passes near several of Scotland’s best towns and cities including Glasgow and Inverness. There’s also something for sightseers to enjoy as you drive around famous lochs and find your way through the Highlands.

The Snake Pass (A57), Derbyshire

The Snake Pass is another big climb which reaches a peak of 1680 feet. Up here there’s plenty of big bends and hills which just add to the excitement. Also, like our other suggested drives, there’s breath-taking scenery all around you, especially at the summit of the route.

Spaghetti Junction, M6, Birmingham

This might be a surprise entry to our list, but this junction of the M6 is certainly an unforgettable experience. Used by thousands of commuters each day, if you’ve yet to negotiate the Gravelly Hill Interchange it can be quite the challenge, with its many different exits that wind and overlap their way around one another. It’s a good idea to find a vehicle you’re confident driving for this one, but once you have done it, you’re unlikely to be phased by anything else.

The modest size of our isles means that you’re never too far from one of the above. So why not treat yourself to some exciting travel and make driving enjoyable once again? You won’t be disappointed.